Three Traits You Don't Need To Become Foster Parent

When planning to become foster parents, people get stressed with the essential qualities. Sometimes people drop their decision to adopt a foster child just because they think that they are not perfect for this.

In reality, to become a foster parent all you need is love and affection for the child you are adopting. There are three features, which almost all the fostering agencies might look for in the foster carers, but are not really required. Take a look at the traits which are not needed to qualify you as a suitable foster parent. Even if you don’t have these three things, you can become a foster parent at any time.

1. Perfection

To become a good foster parent or to work with a reputed foster care home in Hackney, you don’t need to be a perfect parent.


The kids at foster homes just need your presence and love. They don’t need perfect people to take care of them. They want a better place to live, where they don’t face the same problems that brought them to the fostering homes. They just want a solution to their struggle and shortcomings, for which you don’t need to be a perfect foster parent. As a caring parent, you need to make them realize that life is still good and there are better things possible. As a great parent, you just need to offer your presence to these kids whenever they need you. Share their experience to understand their problems and offer them a solution to make them feel better.

2. Full control

When it comes to foster care, nothing is certain, simple or clean; especially when it is about emergency fostering in Hackney. Foster care is related to the kids going through an uncertain life due to family problems, court cases etc. So, in such a situation when there are hundreds of reasons behind a child’s misfortune, you cannot expect everything to be in your control.


Instead of trying to get control over everything, you should focus on understanding the kids and offering them a better life. Your capacity to become a good foster parent is not measured by how orderly the things are, but how happy the children are with you. So, forget about having complete control and focus providing the kids a happy and fulfilling life.

3. Rescuers

You are not adopting the kids to become their savior; you just want to offer them love, care, and freedom, they are missing.


So, when planning to adopt a child from foster care agency in Hackney, don’t go with a mindset to become a savior. Foster care is a noble deed that demands selfless love and sacrifices for the betterment of a child. You have to give meaning to the child with a broken life. As a foster parent, your job is to be lovable, faithful, hopeful and caring.

What you are doing for the fostering kids and the society is really beautiful. When looking forward to becoming a foster parent, don’t feel bad for the qualities you don’t have, but look at your pure intentions and the qualities you possess. You might feel helpless at times, but don’t let these situations break your morale. Be faithful with yourself and you will definitely become a great foster parent.


Feel proud and content for what you are doing for these kids.

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